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Organic Fertilizer
Offered Agro Chemicals are known for their precise composition, Eco-friendly content and long lasting result. These include pesticides, animal feed additives, plant growth regulator and so on. These chemicals are applied by drip irrigation or foliar spray method.

Whether you need Manganese EDTA, Zinc EDTA or Chelated Ferrous EDTA, get in touch with us to meet your requirement. The company produces these chemical compounds beneficial for agriculture sector.

Amino Acid Fertilizer
There are many variants of amino acid fertilizers in the offering which can be applied in sustainable farming. These organic fertilizers an greatly improve the yield. 
Humic Acid
Humic Acid Powders are made from breaking the bond between complex molecules and converting them into simpler molecules. These are used for enhancing growth, improving quality and increasing metal ions in the soil.
Neem Oil
The seeds of neem tree are processed to extract neem oil, which is widely used as a pesticide. The brown in color and bitter in taste, this oil can control many pests and diseases.

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